⚖️ Colorado Science & Engineering Policy Fellow Christine Chang Testifies on AI and Facial Recognition Bill!

Christine focused her fellowship on examining the ethics of AI use, with particular emphasis on preventing abuse via facial recognition systems.

Main Story Here: https://www.colorado.edu/engineering/2022/03/08/cu-boulder-phd-student-testifies-state-senate-ai-facial-recognition-bill

CAIRO PhD student and Draper Scholar Christine Chang has been instrumental in assisting Senators Hansen (D-Arapahoe) and Buckner (D-Arapahoe) with motivating and honing SB22-113: "Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition: Concerning the use of personal identifying data, and, in connection therewith, creating a task force for the consideration of artificial intelligence, restricting the use of facial recognition services by state and local government agencies, temporarily prohibiting the use of facial recognition services by public schools, and making an appropriation."