CAIRO Lab Values

Statement of Purpose:

We perform novel, impactful, and ethical research toward the development and responsible deployment of intelligent autonomous systems that collaborate with humans.

Members of CAIRO Lab:

  • Champion and actively support each other’s research ideas, sprints, and career goals.
  • Serve each other and the broader community by setting a positive and accountable culture.
  • Produce high quality research, opting to bypass submission deadlines rather than publish anything less than our best possible work.
  • Value solutions that emphasize simplicity and clarity over complexity and obfuscation.
  • Recognize and celebrate effort, regardless of outcome.
  • Explore research questions of global importance that we are passionate about.
  • Value a healthy work-life balance and hold each other accountable for maintaining the same.
  • Are friendly, supportive, communicative, collaborative, curious, resourceful, ambitious, and welcoming.