📑 Emily's work on defining and assessing teleoperation skill accepted at HRI 2023 Late Breaking Reports!

In this work, we propose a framework to define primitive teleoperation tasks and discuss how skill can be analyzed in several dimensions.

More Than a Number: A Multi-dimensional Framework For Automatically Assessing Human Teleoperation Skill

Emily Jensen, Bradley Hayes, and Sriram Sankaranarayanan


We present a framework for the formal evaluation of human teleoperator skill level in a systematic fashion, aiming to quantify how skillful a particular operator is for a well-defined task. Our proposed framework has two parts. First, the tasks used to evaluate skill levels are decomposed into a series of domain-specific primitives, each with a formal specification using signal temporal logic. Secondly, skill levels are automatically evaluated along multiple dimensions rather than a singular number. These dimensions include robustness, efficiency, resilience and readiness for each primitive task. We provide an initial evaluation for the task of taking-off, hovering, and landing in a drone simulator. This preliminary evaluation shows the value of a multi-dimensional evaluation of human operator performance.

The full paper can be accessed here, from our Publications tab, and in the HRI 2023 conference companion proceedings.